Are people taking me for granted ?

Nobody probably would come here to read this anyway. So well here it goes. Just wanna rant. Finally a post after a gazillion year.

Sometimes I think my mother is right, as people like your friends become closer to you, they get more comfortable with you. With that, people start to test your patience and see how far they can go. Huien has shared with me one of such situations, but that's a story for another time.

The modern society has evolved so much, in so many ways. Our definition of what's acceptable is gradually changing, and people are starting to put such "new" behaviour into a test. To see whether such behaviours are acceptable and tolerable. And what's better than testing them first on your friends?

Reason one, they are your friends, they probably have a higher tolerance towards you because they know you well. So if they couldn't withstand whatever nonsense stunt that you're trying to pull, then it's most likely unable to be deemed as a societal norm. Reason two, the person is your friend! So even if what you did is unaccepted by them, the worst they could do is to tell you off, and forgive you after that. (Provided if you don't do it again) We humans hate to be judged. We're afraid that people judge us base on the things we do. So we experiment them with our friends, because they don't judge! If they do, they're probably not your close friends anyway.

So why am I rambling so much about this? Recently I've experienced several cases of people taking me, or others for granted. And it's not just the issue of treating people with respect, I feel it is also a clear indication of your sense and level of responsibility. Why do I say that? The reason is fairly simple. Your sense of responsibility determines, well, the amount of commitment you're willing to put into to accomplish a task, maybe even done with another person. If the level of commitment is low, it just goes to show that the others participating in the same project would have to put in even more effort to cover your part. Is that treating your friends/teammates/comrade with respect? In my opinion, NO.

You may say, "Ben you're so bloody narrow minded. You don't know my situation, you don't know what I'm going to through." Yeah sure I don't know what you're going through. But YOU Don't know what the other people are going through. Let's face it, life is unfair, and I agree, some people had it better than the others. But well, the only fair thing every is everyone has 24 hours a days. Unless you can travel at speed near the speed of light. But that's a story for another day. At this point, I think its all about time management. I can participate in NP Toastmasters Club, participate in a high commitment external CCA (NUS Wind symphony), teach tuitions on weekends to support my expenditure and save for my university, participate in my secondary school Alumni band, and maintaining a relatively good academic results. I EVEN HAVE TIME TO DOTA WITH MY FRIENDS. Unless you're really working outside because of your low family income and you really needed to help out in supporting your family, don't fucking give me the "I have no time" shit.

Ok fine, let's give such people the benefit of time. Perhaps they really didn't have time because of the important things that they need to do. I'm usually fine with people saying "I have no time" because I'm a student too, I understand that sometimes non-academic related activities can take up a large portion of your time. You know what's even more enraging than "I have no time"? EXCUSES. A BAD ONE AT THAT.

LIKE OH DEAR LORD ITS FUCKING 2012. If you wanna come up with excuses, could you come up with something more legit, credible and practical? At least something that people would go like "Omg ... Okok can can you go ahead. Maybe next time." At least hear already not so pekcek BUT NO..... People come up with nonsensical reasons. Reasons that the moment you hear you'd be like, "WTF? So the level of priority I occupy in your heart is not more important than this?" This really saddens me. I tend to not take things to heart and give people the benefit of doubt. But times like this really hurts me. REALLY REALLY badly. There was this time where K stood on me just by giving a reason of "I feel very lazy to go out now ..." LIKE WTF? You gave me your word but you're now backing out just because you're LAZY? Lesson learnt, the sensation of having nothing to do is more important than a date/appointment with your friend, because apparently laziness is a valid reason to stood up on someone. You see why I said the definition of acceptable behaviour is changing now? Another example, "The rain is very big. I can't make it there." UTTER BULLSHIT. What you're made of paper? You'll get torn up if you get exposed to rain? And whatever is the umbrella for? And I can safely guarantee that 70-90% of the journey travelling across ANY TWO POINTS in Singapore is SHELTERED. The only part where its exposed to rain? From your house to the bus stop/MRT station, and from the destination bus stop to the actual location.
SOMETIMES THE BUS STOPS/MRT STATIONS ARE EVEN SHELTERED FROM YOUR HOUSE AND TO YOUR DESTINATION. Still think heavy rain is a valid reason? Heavy rain is a good reason to be late, but not to be absent. This is just plain IRRESPONSIBLE. If you're not interested, don't say you're coming. You could give me a "Maybe, I may not be interested to go." I'm totally fine with that. At least I know you're courteous enough to let me know there's a chance that you'd not be here, or courteous enough to not outright reject me. I appreciated either you outright reject me, or tell me there's a chance that you might not be there. At least I'd find it reasonable because you didn't promise your presence.

BUT NOOOOOOO. THINGS ARE CHANGING. It's now PROMISE FIRST, PLAN LATER, AT THE MOST I'D CANCEL IT IF I DON'T FEEL LIKE DOING IT/GOING FOR IT. Since when was this ever acceptable in ANY SOCIETY OF ANY COUNTRY? This is the kind of work I'd expect from a office temp worker with a bad attitude.

And if you think that's bad enough, it's not. How about people that are SUPPOSE to be there, but no there? And they just give you a, "I have nothing to do there. I don't want to go. I'd rather go home and do my own stuff." Another bullshit. Tell me which event in the world has a NOTHING TO DO role. In a event, there's always things to do, just at which point of the event. And because of your withdrawal, people would have to take up more things. So you have to do your own stuff at home and others don't have to? Now that's just plain selfish. At least turn up for the setting up because it's important and rushed you'd have to set up by a certain time. And THEN leave a bit earlier because the rest of the people have ALL THE TIME in the world to pack up. They may even take 2 hours if they want. (But everyone wants to go home early. Nobody would do that.) That eases the workload of people by a significant amount. But apparently you only think of yourself. I cannot even find the appropriate vocabulary to express my rage at this point.

One very clear indication of how important you are to that person, is the person stood up on your because they FORGOT about the date and had made another arrangement. This is just pure fucked up. If its something important that you have no choice but to put it on that day then fine. But if its something non-compulsory like a dinner and you give ME up for that dinner with your friend, you're really very irresponsible. I don't give a shit about, "I haven't seen the person for very long!" or "It's with these group or people, we said we'd have dinner together!" Well fuck you that's your problem if you don't know how to make arrangements according to your plans. This is how I look at it, appointments are on a first come first served basis. If I asked you first and you agreed, I have that time of yours. Could you have more principle and let people know you're not available and arranged another day? Why should I have to suffer for your incapability? If there's anyone to suffer, thats YOU, because YOU are the one that fucked up.

I sound like a brat that wants to placed on the top priority. But no, the only thing I expect from people is just to mark their words. If you can't promise, don't. Be responsible for what you say. I think I hadn't fully expressed my displease, but my mind is in a mess now and I think that's about what I'm disappointed about.

My bad habit is kicking in. Maybe I shouldn't have expectations from people anymore. Then again, am I wrong to have expectations for people that I deem them as "Friends"? Perhaps I'm in a total different category.

If at ANY POINT of time in the future you read this post (whoever you are), please tweet me at @SheldonGlashow, and let me know if i'm being unreasonable. Hashtag #porkchop so that I know your tweet is with reference to this post.

Then again, not sure how many people will see this. But I've ranted my piece, and I think that's all I need to let off my piece. Appreciated those who spent the time reading this long post. It could be another year before I post again.

Barney Stinson

Barney Stinson is one of the lead character in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother, if you hadn't watched it, you should. XD!
Some background info, basically Barney Stinson is this awesome guy thats always in a suit and hooking up chicks at bars....wait. he hooks up chicks anywhere. And yeah, he goes for one night, but not a committed relationship.A classic womanizer He may sound like a jerk, but after you watched the series itself, u'd realise he is AWESUMZ.

One random fact, Barney has NEVER taken a bad picture before. (except for the ONE in the below video XD)

I went wtf when i saw this....

And lets face it, most of the popular TV characters has a unique catchphrase of their own. But for barney, he has quite a number of it. In which most of them can be spotted in this video.

Some of them you may need to watch the actual series to understand the context in which barney is using.

Barney treats his suit like his life-long friend. So one may ask "Between and hot chick and a suit, which would he choose?"
Watch this to find out XD!

Barney is damn awesome right XD!

Ahhh now back to myself. Life has been pretty boring these few days, esp with all your friends in JC and u're stoning in front of the monitor everyday. D=! So since theres nothing to blog about, i might as well share with all of you what makes me laugh. XD! ENJOY AND STAY TUNED TO HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER!

Barney : "When im being sad, i just stop being sad and be awesome. True story".

Jookiba BBQ

During yesterday afternoon, me and leroy accompanied javan to Sim Lim. LIKE FINALLY, JAVAN IS GETTING A NEW COMP! -Throws confetti and lights fireworks- Seriously, Javan has been using his laggy laptop that he got from signing an internet plan, until it finally died. Den he eventually borrowed a lappy from a friend that has spoil LCD, but others are working well. So what he did was, got a monitor, got a keyboard, plug it to the lappy. TA DAH! A usable comp! But theres a second problem, he has no internet plan (I forgot why, smth to do with sucky singnet). SO, he has been tethering internet from his iphone. And yes, has been dota-ing with it, facebook with it, msn with it etc. Sometimes really have to salute him for being able to tahan for such long period of time with such slow internet.

So anw, afterwards i went to my AC OG's condo for BBQ. The entire OG has like, 15 people. But only 6, including me, turned up. o_o I was late for maybe, 2-3 hours HAHAHA =X! I brought some bacon and cherry tomatoes and made some skewers, but most of them are already full when i reached. But i made them eat AT LEAST one of my skewers though. Afterwards they went swimming, and i didnt participate (Cos i didnt bring my swim wear nor did i bring extra clothes). So yeah, i stoned there and watched them play.

(From left to right : Beatrice, Loc, Josiah(back), Victoria(front), Me

We took a picture together at the end i thought "hey the lighting is pretty good. Looks like i can make it into a 'Heroes' poster!" Then there it is, the Jookiba Heroes 'poster' XD!
Loc was complaining "THERES NOT TASTE IN THIS! ITS LIKE SOFT DRINK", referring to Barcardi Breezer. It was damn funny, esp the accent he say it in (he's Vietnamese) XD! And Beatrice and I agreed that Peach Breezer tasted like cough syrup. HAHHAHAHHAHA!

Afterwards Josiah had to go to town for his friend's birthday party. I longbang his cab down to dhoby ghaut den subsequently met javan and leroy at city hall, den went home.
Frankly speaking, AC people are really nice and is not like what most people say about them. I'd really hope i can keep regular contact with them =D

My Dream

Someday natural resources are gonna run dry, and we'd have to rely on nuclear to power up our electrical generators. So i was thinking, energy cannot be created or destroyed, but what if, IF, energy can be amplified? Some may argue that amplifying energy is in someway or another a form of "Creating" energy, which defies the First law of thermodynamics and i agree with that argument. But somehow, i just think that it may be possible, just not with our current technology. Just like Bose-Einstein Condensate, everyone said that Bose-Einstein Condensate cannot be produced as the temperate is so close to absolute zero. However, Humanity has developed the technology far enough to produce Bose-Einstein condensate.

If only an electricity amplifier, or even an energy amplifier can be invented someday, wouldn't that solve many energy issues in the world? We wouldn't face fuel shortage, and cost of living could directly or indirectly be reduced. Also, with the ability to amplify energy, the world of science can continue to advance. There are several potential experiments and great inventions (e.g flying cars), but the only problem is the energy required to power them. So if only theres an energy amplifier, i think it'd be a revolutionary change in the world.

Arc Reactor from the Iron Man.
Basically, this arc reactor is like a perpetual motion machine. It is able to produce more than enough energy to power up itself. Which means, it is more than 100% efficient.

DAMN COOL RIGHT. If such thing is really possible, there'd so much more that we can achieve! Frankly, this is one of the key driving force for me to continue to pursue in Physics. So yep, my dream is to created an electricity/energy amplifier, or like the arc reactor, a perpetual motion machine that is more than 100% efficient, even if its 100.00001%. =D



Hehehehe. I went to Lot1 with Mayfan and Kelila at like 10am to get Peipei a poufu HEHE! I found out that the real name for the bunny plushie is not poufu actually. I couldnt find its original name. So im just gonna call it poufu anw. So for those that didnt know what it is, heres a sample.

IP MAN POUFU! This poufu, belongs to huini, went through series of torture by me, darren teo and edison. I shant reveal the explicit things that we've (mainly edison) done to it. HEHE! (As you can see from the pic, the person behind with the v is huini trying to crash cam ipman poufu XD)

So yep, thats poufu for you. But i bought the big one for peipei. COS IS LIKE SUPER HUGGABLE! Its not very bulky also, den can like hug it when u're doing ur work or using comp. Damn niceeee. So anyways, we're at lot1's action city and we found the giant poufu that i wanted. I wanted to get a blue one for peipei, but theres no more blue anymore. So i texted peipei asking what colour she wanted, but shes still in lesson and couldnt reply my text. So the 3 headless houseflies just went around walking in Lot1 waiting for peipei's reply.

Yeah we went to minitoons and fooled around abit =X!
So yeah this went on for awhile and MF eventually gtg to meet Jasmine. The reason for PS was "The 2 of us unattached ma. So we go bugis and orchard shopping loh" INVALID EXCUSE TTM HOR. But wadeva, den mf went off first and me and kelila settled down at some kopitiam, den wait time pass while i play my ipad and kelila play iphone.
So eventually peipei replied and she wanted the dark pink one and we went to get it and go home le.
Upon raching home, my mum told me that NP's Engineering Science Course appeared in the Lian He Zao Bao.

Summary of article : First time ever engineering course has a single digit cut off. The lowest COP for engineering courses before this was 12 or 13, ES made a new breakthrough. All 40 students of ES are eligible for JC, but chose to go Poly. Got 2 students Cai Xin Yi and Tang Zong Yang have plans to go University and has great interest for science. Cai Xin Yi has ELR2B2 of 5 (after deduction).

I was like "DAMN! If only i put ES as first choice and got in, i could've been the one on newspaper now!" Wah i sad max. But like jun ren said, lucky got girls in ES, if not all guys inside de hua, after 3 years come out become gay. HEHEHE!

Afterwards, i went to meet up peipei to pass her her poufu. She happy max of cos. Den jiaxin was beside us, den 2 banglahs cycled passed us and made smooching sound at jiaxin as they cycle across. This of course, terrified jiaxin XD! She proclaims that the face of the ero-blanglah still remains in her mind. Call me sadist, but i think its damn funny. XD!

Start Again

"Start Again", New original By Sam Tsui, written and produced by Kurt Schneider

I've been neglecting this blog for some time. After reading other people's blog for e.g Yi Fan's blog, I've decided to revive this blog and update as often as possible .

Just so some of you didnt know, i appealed out of ACJC to Ngee Poly(Engineering Science). Many of you must be wondering, WHY THE HECK DID YOU APPEAL OUT OF JC TO GO POLY? ACJC SOME MORE. To date, i still couldnt find the appropriate way to express my dislike towards the school environment. I can only say, i dont like it. Its just a gut feeling telling me that its not somewhere where im willing to spend 2 years in. So there, im off to NP.

But i must say, i did have wonderful times with my OG(Jookiba) mates in ACJC. They are a bunch of fun and nice people. Just that occasional difference in language expression poses some awkwardness amongst us, but we didnt have problems communicating with each other. But I do hope we could continue to stay in contact =D!

Jookiba group shot

OH OH OH! Theres this legendary milo bottle in AC as well. Angie is gonna be jealous max she knows this. GPGT!


I must say i AM abit sad that im leaving AC, not becos i've developed feelings for the school, but im leaving alot of my good friends, e.g Janelyn, Ting Ting, Yilun, Aik Seng, Jordan etc. Oh well, seems like we're gonna have to find some time to go out together to keep regular contact. Things come and go, thats life isnt it? XD! Hope ES in NP would have all the nice people. =D

I guess i'll stop here for today. Ciao~


Ok im suddenly inspired to post again. I dont know who the hell still reads my blog, but this blog is basically a place for me to voice my personal opinion, whether you agree or not. But i do welcome criticisms. XD

Im gonna talk about respect. I kinda realised respect is one of the most important quality for a leader. One can never lead without respect. Lets face it, your followers, or even your friends, would not take your words into consideration if they do not have respect for you. But the real question is, how to earn respect. To date, i believe i cannot earn people's respect effectively, and therefore theres no way im in the position to talk about gaining respect. But i do have people that i respect, and in this post, im gonna talk about the people i respect, and why do i respect them. The sequence in which names are mentioned is not in order of merit.

First up on the list, it'll be my best friend Eisabess Chee.

(Ok this pic is my personal favourite =X)
Ok basically bessy is one intellectual friend that i've ever had. The sole reason why we communicate so well is just our 'guai lan' logic. Whenever we're in a discussion, we tend to provide constructive assertions and back it up with sensible evidence. And most of the time, we derive at one conclusion that both of us agree on, which meant that the way we think and how to interprete things are basically the same. So yeah, we clique pretty well. Well i think the reason why i respected her is basically becos of her decisiveness, and as well as how strong she is. When she set on something, she'd definitely go all out for it, and never give up, if not, she just dont do it at all. When she starts it, she ends it. Also, she is one strong girl that still walks around as if nothing happens, not crying no nothing, with a glass cut that cost her 5 stitches. Lets face it, how many girls around you nowadays can actually do this? Furthermore, if u're in a plight, i think u'd probably be fucking fed up and dont want to study anymore under all those intense pressure (something that its not appropriate for me to reveal). But i can see shes trying very hard to conceal it, by doing other things, keeping the things out of focus, cos she knew that theres nothing she can change about it. It must've been hard on her, but this strong girl over here deserves my respect, and thanks for being my best friend. =D

Since we're talking about bessy, i ought to talk about this person i respect alot as well. And thats my shifu, Carlsson
Well obviously, i knew shifu through bessy. Well last time during P6, i rmbed it was bessy's bday or smth, and we went up her hse. Den shifu was at home, that was the first time i met him. So yeah he showed us abit of magic here and there, and i was kinda amused. So blah things go on and somehow or rather he became my shifu. He is a really nice guy, always teaching me and exposing me to things of the society, also he brings us out sometimes to makan or shop. Shifu not only taught me magic, but also how it is like in the working society. And thats when i got to know that the adults' world is much more complicated then i thought. And most importantly, he is there when i needed him, like for example a person that i need to talk to, or a person to help me. Cos there are certain things that somehow, that i presume people me would not understand, and shifu is the best person i can talk to as he is the only person i know with the most exposure and experience to offer me advice. He is definitely a great mentor that has taught me alot of things and definitely deserves my respect. He is definitely a person you can count on, but of course, he is one bz person and i try my best not to disturb him. I just wanna wish him well in his design business Carlsche Media, do stay tune for his new business website. =D

Next up would be my primary school teacher that impacted my life, Mdm Joey Koh.

Well she taught me in P4 and P5. She was one stern teacher and she serious, its BUSINESS. I was pretty naughty during my primary school days. (I guess for convenience sake i should just call her Joey. XD) She emphasized alot on discipline. Let me illustrate to you when i meant ALOT. Er, we're not suppose to rest our head on our arms, we're suppose to only write date in the form of 31st July 2010 and never 31-7-2010, when we raise our hands, the hands must be at least above our head. Believe it or not, this went on for 2 years, but i really appreciated that. But the sad thing is that, our school (Boon lay secondary) merged with Jurong primary when im in P6, and Joey left the school. From then, we parted, but we're still in contact. I still call her and send my regards during teachers day. Even though we parted, her disciplined instilled in us has become a habit for me. Notice when i raise my hands, my hands are DEFINITELY above my head (unless im tired). As for the date thing, due to overwhelming hwk, i turned to writing dates the short way =X. And i try as much as to not rest my head on my arms. She goes by the principle of mutualism. If we behave well, she'd treat us well. If not, she'd be mean to us. And mean is an understatement to her tyranny. =X! (Well it WAS super scary!) Well i believe this is also why i respected her, she is able to draw a clear line between things she does. She may be angry at this moment when u admit your mistakes and change, she'd hold no prejudice against you. Thats what i call PROFESSIONALISM, and as such, she got featured in several of my compos titled respect or smth, though they didnt really fare well. XD Gradually, i started to develop her style of teaching into my way of leadership, which is to first establish discipline, then slow gain respect, by drawing a clear line between WORK and PLAY. Joey definitely deserves my respect, and shall be always remembered as the mentor that changed my life.

Speaking of teacher, the last person for this post shall be PhysicsKing LOH!

Yep, this is the physics king, my physics teacher Mr Raymond Loh. He is one .... ok the word is not funny, but its not lame either, its just that his egoistic humour just makes our class laugh like dunno what. And no, its not his humour that deserves my respect. Its his pride and passion as a teacher, as well as the effort he puts in his job. I mean, he is the first teacher that i've ever heard that likes his job as a teacher SOOOO much. I believe everyone taught by him probably heard him say that being a teacher is probably the best you can ever get, you get to have the benefits, enjoy teaching pupils, pay is good etc. I seldom hear teachers complimenting their jobs. Usually i hear them complaining about how hard the job is and how it cause them to have high blood pressure XD! Being a passion-driven person, i personally respect Mr Loh for his passion for his job as a teacher, which i definitely think i'll go crazy teaching a bunch of students. And secondly, i admire the fact that he puts in effort for those who puts in the effort as well. Though i admit im guilty of not doing some of his work =X! But i do appreciate his effort and would definitely strive hard for my physics, im gonna get that A1 during my Os. It may be silly, but thats why i respect Mr loh. XD!

The above are just some of my most respected people in my life. There may be some others that i may post up when i have the urge to. XD!

Respected are needed to be earned. And different people having different ways of earning it. But the first key principle of earning respect, it to be respectful towards others. With reference to the previous post, Don't expect people to do things that you Can't do. Show respect to them, only till then can you earn respect from them.

Lastly, i want to thank all the above people for guiding my in my life, being there when i need you, providing me with moral support. Its you people that kept me motivated to strive on in life, i'll never forget the lessons you people taught me. Once again, thank you. =D

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